Summer 2010

Happy Summer! This summer has been one of the most beautiful I can remember on Nantucket, full of sunny, cloudless breezy days. We have had a lot of interest in the house this summer. The weeks that were available for rent were booked up by May, so we have had turn away many people that found out about our house through friends or on VRBO. In March we will be contacting anyone interested in renting next summer to take reservations. What a nice feeling to have such a popular house! The new cherry bedroom furniture looks great. So do the new cushions for the outdoor patio furniture. I will post photos soon! We have a lot planned for this fall. We will be getting a new cedar shingle roof and fresh paint on the trim and picket fence. And the most exciting news of all - we are planning to install a huge perennial garden in the side yard this coming spring! A lot to look forward to! We are looking forward to spending the first two weeks of September at the house, but because our daughter is starting preschool, we won't be able to stay the entire month, and weekends in the fall will be difficult. So if you are interested in a week or long weekend, let us know. Nantucket is spectacular in the fall, there are plenty of gorgeous beach days, and lots to do. Looking forward to having you back as guests at 16 Vestal! Dabney & Michael